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MP3 Audio Station Review

MP3 Audio Station is one of the newest download sites out there and is providing users with a great service. We like the fact that the site is very easy to navigate, offers tutorials on how to get started, and supports support for both MAC and PC users.

The network that you will have access to is one of the largest and fastest networks available. One specific part that we like is that the program will check to make sure that your downloads do not have any errors, prior to letting you download them. Many other program do not offer this and you end up downloading files that are corrupt. We also like the fact that you can opt to upgrade and receive access to a section within the members area that allows you to download Unlimited Full movies and TV shows.

The support could be a little faster, but because the members area is so well laid out, you really don't need any kind of technical support. All instructions are provided, and even a new user can easily use this program. We really like the fact that virus and anti-spyware software is included, and even CD / DVD burning software. In our opinion, this program is very well put together and is absolutely worth the small fee.

Our Recommendation

Our top two music download sites are very popular because they offer a great user experience once you join. Although learning how to install and use a P2P program isn't that difficult, some download sites don't explain how to get started in downloading. Also, the speed and quality of the songs on the MP3 Audio Station and Mp3 Musiq sites are of the best quality that we've found.

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